The Asante tribe lives in Central and South Ghana on the African Subcontinent. Together with other tribes from this area, they form the Akan Peoples. The artistic tradition of the Asante has had a great influence on all decorative art from Ghana. The Asante sculptures of Ghana are famous for their figurines of women, known as Akua'ba. They are usually between 8 to 16 inches in height (this couple is 36 inches!!) and have a big, round flat head on a stylized body. This shape fits the ideal of beauty of the Akan people: a high, flat forehead, small mouth and long neck.
The Akan people attribute supernatural powers to these sacred figurines. It stimulates female fertility and helps to conquer infertility. Women carry it with them at all times and treat it like a real child. When the figurine has proven its worth, it is added to the house altar. The small incisions in the face are meant to protect the child against the fits. The other peoples of Ghana also know their own Aku'ba. For instance, the fertility figurines of the Fante have rectangular heads and those of the Bono have triangular heads.

Ghana Fertility Couple (2pc Set)